Belknap Snowmobilers Club Lakes Region NH

Trail Conditions

Cactus Jacks

Airport Store

HK Powersports

Railroad tracks corridor 15 north to Meredith

Railroad tracks corridor 15 south and 9 south to Belmont
Please be particularly careful at the railroad lift bridge north of Lakeport Landing and Irwin Marine. 
There are hazardous switch tracks just below the snow that are not always visible. Use extreme caution!

Sled Dog Loop

Prison Loop  

South Down Shores Loop

Gilford Area Trails

Corridor 15N Saltmarsh Pond to Paugus Bay via HK PowerSports & Cactus Jacks/T-Bones
The Belknap Snowmobilers does not advocate-endorse-promote the crossing of any body of water at anytime.  Doing so is at the riders own risk and personal choice.  Crossing bodies of water should be avoided whenever possible.  The Belknap Snowmobilers does not NOR will not validate the thickness of ice for safe passage under any circumstances.

(Corridor 15S) Saltmarsh Pond to Gilmanton

Trail to Airport Deli,  Kitchen Cravings,  Patrick's pub, and Gilford Beach

Belmont connector 304

Belknap Mountain Trail




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